-Inspired by the True Rainbow We Are

Arcus Iris is a Toronto-based luxury jewelry brand specializing in the creation of one of a kind luxury, health-conscious jewelry targeted to the pioneers and elite trendsetters of the international, high-fashion world. The name Arcus Iris translates directly from Latin to mean ‘Rainbow’ and is inspired by that which we are at our deepest essence; a holonomic field of particles and energy which emits the full spectrum of rainbow light we know as our ‘aura’.

“We strive to showcase each stone as an organic work of art with gems preserved in their purest state. Just as fingerprints reflect the uniqueness of every person, we feel the mesmerizing inclusions and fissures of gemstones make them distinctly alluring.”

Obtained from the living rock, the natural gemstones within Arcus Iris’ creations have the strongest unbridled energy flowing through them, with powerful metaphysical properties that assist in balancing and enhancing the energies and well-being of the individuals who wear them. Furthermore, every piece of Arcus Iris jewelry is quantumly cleared and amplified in a quartz crystal singing bowl once complete.

“Arcus Iris seeks to push the boundaries of fine jewelry, offering a new level in design that bridges the gap between our material world and a deeper meaning.”