Behind the Rainbow

“I’ve come to this world with one purpose – to create a beat of colour and a rhythm of love. And with nature’s canvas as my guide, I dance while her brush strokes inspire mine.”

Best described as a ‘starburst of energy’, designer Élise McNeill is the master weaver behind the Arcus Iris Brand and all that it comprises. The young entrepreneur seeks out the exceptional, bringing authenticity to the world while utilizing the highest quality materials in her designs that reflect nature in all its wonder and beauty, both on the physical and energetic planes.

“I design jewelry

to transcend the ages; telescoping time as classic works. Etched in eternity is the beauty and mystery of each stone, this is why I often design with gems in the rough, I enjoy the delicate art of preserving their history while sustaining an exceptional balance of what is craved by the high fashion world of tomorrow.”

Drawn to gemstones and their power through her passion for the conscious science of quantum physics and it’s scientific revival of spirituality, Élise creates jewelry with a raw elegance, bringing to life a vivid energy within her work. It is her intention that the positive vibrations within Arcus Iris jewelry will assist in harmonizing people’s energy, so they too can shine their brightest and lend themselves to the making of a positive future.