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Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker Auction’s Arcus Iris as Grand Prize for Zareinu

The 7th Annual Zareinu Fashion Show will be happening tonight at the Royal Ontario Museum with Jeanne Beker auction host. The Zareinu Educational Centre is a wonderful day school and treatment centre for children with a wide variety of physical and developmental disabilities. The show will be hosted by Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker and will feature a beautiful selection of Canadian Fashion Designers displayed on lovely models – the best models of course will be saved for last – the most adorable children from the Zareinu school will have their chance to shine as they strut down the runway in kid’s couture! Come out and support Zareinu’s efforts to make their wonderful school that much better! Numerous prizes will be available with the purchase of a raffle ticket including a grand prize Malachite Classic Wrap Necklace from Arcus Iris’ Vieux Bateau Collection.

Arcus Iris is a fine jewelry design company specializing in premium, health-conscious jewelry targeted to the pioneers and elite trendsetters of the international, high-fashion world. To date, the Arcus Iris Brand has attracted a powerful and passionate following including some of Hollywood’s most eminent personalities amongst its influential clientele. Exceptional jewelry coupled with positive energy from natural gemstones is intended to enhance the wearer’s senses and more deeply attune them to their natural instincts. Arcus Iris’ vision is to harmonize people’s energy so they too can shine their brightest and lend themselves to the making of a positive future.